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COVID-19 Response

Seabury's Safer School Plan

Seabury School is committed to keeping our community as safe as possible.

We have worked diligently to create a Safer School Plan.

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Seabury continues to monitor the ever-changing COVID-19 impact on schools in our region. Please review all the new campus safety protocols to be familiar with the latest guidance.

In consultation with outside professionals, specialty COVID-19 school training courses, and advice from local entities, we have created special safety protocols to better protect the health and safety of students, families, and staff at Seabury.

Isolation and quarantine

Face masks


Attendance and illness

Morning health check-in procedures

On-campus visitors

Sick children and possible exposures

Gear for weather

New Safety Protocols


Response Plan

As a companion to our regular Family Handbook, we have created a Pandemic Response Plan.  This important document outlines procedures and policies around COVID-19 to keep our community as safe as possible.  Please note that in places where policies overlap, we will refer to the Pandemic Response Plan at this time as our official policy.  We ask ALL families to please read this document thoroughly. As with all plans during a pandemic, these plans are subject to change. 

Read the Pandemic Response Plan 


Highlights from this response plan are listed below for quick access and reminders.

Isolationand quarantin
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Isolation and quarantine  

Public health officials have made every effort to provide guidance that protects the community while keeping students in school as much as possible.  It is our expectation that our campus will remain open for in-person education this year.  However, it is possible that an individual student who contracts or is exposed to COVID, or a class or classes that experience an outbreak could be required to isolate or quarantine at home for a period of time.  Seabury will provide as much advance notice as possible, but circumstances may require immediate closure with little notice.  Parents need to have plans in place in case their child is not able to come to school due to isolation or quarantine.

When students are at home, families can use the classroom virtual class site and Google Classroom (grades 3-8) to access work from home.  Families may also contact the classroom teacher to request work.

Face masks

Masks are currently optional while on campus.  During periods when local transmission rates are elevated (in the moderate or high level), it is recommended that students and staff wear masks while indoors.  The school has a supply of masks available for students and staff, but it is recommended that families provide their own masks to ensure comfort and the best fit.  Sending a back-up mask in a plastic bag is recommended. Hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer will be required for anyone after touching or handling their mask.

CDC guidelines provide general considerations when wearing a face covering, including the following:

  • the mouth and nose are fully covered

  • the covering fits snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps

  • KN95, N95, or surgical masks provide the best coverage against the Omicron variant.


Hand hygiene

Students and teachers will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently including each time they enter the classroom, before and after eating, and at break times.  If your child needs hand lotion to help combat dry skin, please send it with your child and make sure your child can use it independently and safely.


Please be sure to notify your child’s teacher and the Seabury School office by emailing or calling 253-952-3111  if your child will be absent from class.


Students may not be at school without checking with the office if they show any signs of illness. Families may be asked to consult with their physician or receive a negative COVID test result prior to bringing a child with symptoms back to school. 

Morning health check-in procedures

You will note, as part of our SSP, staff and families are expected to do a health screening at home prior to leaving for school.  Anyone showing symptoms of illness that could be connected to COVID is expected to stay at home and contact the school office for information about next steps.  If your child arrives at school and appears to be ill, you will be asked to wait until your child can be evaluated and it can be determined whether the child can attend school.

See the Daily Health Checklist

On campus visitors

  • Family members and visitors must enter through the main office at the lower school and the Broadway space at the middle school campus.

  • Current mask requirements will apply to guests and visitors as well as to students and staff. Anyone with symptoms of illness will not be admitted.

  • Visitors and guests may be asked to provide proof of vaccine depending on the event / activity.

Sick children and possible exposures

  • If a student calls in sick with COVID-19:​

    • The head of school or designee will provide information to the family about the return to school.

    • The head of school or designee will work with the health department to report and conduct contact tracing.

    • Notice will be sent to all close contacts of the individual with instructions regarding quarantine requirements.  The identity of the person who is ill will be kept confidential at all times. 

  • If a student becomes sick at Seabury...

    • The school office will contact the parents/guardians and the student will need to be picked up immediately.  Families need to have plans in place ahead of time in the event their child needs to be picked up during the school day.  Families should be able to pick their child up within an hour.

    • If the student tests positive for COVID, the head of school or designee will follow the steps listed above.

Gear for weather

We encourage teachers to use our outdoor spaces for class time whenever possible and when inside, doors and windows will be open for ventilation. This will mean that students need to have gear appropriate for additional outdoor time.  We recommend waterproof shoes and coats, warm socks on cold days, and layers of clothing to stay warm. For tips on dressing kids for all weather conditions, check the links on the Family Corner page. .


Have a question that we haven't answered?  Please let us know at  

Can my student have a water bottle at their desk?

Yes! Each student should bring a personal water bottle to school each day and take it home to be washed and refilled at the end of the day. Students will keep their water bottles with them during the day and will be able to refill them when empty.

Can I meet with my child's teacher?

Parents/guardians wishing to meet with their child’s teacher must request a meeting by email and set up an appointment in advance. 

Will there be Pizza Fridays and daily milk?

Yes!  Milk and pizza will operate as normal.

What else should we know about lunchtime?

Students will be eating with their class either in the classroom or outside. There will not be access to microwaves, silverware, and extra plates, etc.  Be sure to pack all that your child will need in their lunch box.

Will the bus be operating?

We will be offering our regular bus service.  Families must have preselected bus service in their FACTS Enrollment forms. If you have additional bus questions or need to add a bus rider, please contact the school office at

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Face masks
Hand Hygiene
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Extended Care
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For more information from the Washington State Coronavirus Response, visit:

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