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Seabury Capstone Projects
Join us May 19, 2022 for Capstone Presentation Night 

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What is a Capstone Project at Seabury?

At Seabury, we are all about helping our students discover their passions. As part of their eighth grade year, Seabury middle schoolers complete a Capstone Project, which requires them to pick a subject of interest, research that subject in depth, and complete a community service project around that subject.

Who should come to Capstone Night?

We encourage not just our 8th grade families to attend, but also welcome project mentors, community leaders, and all of our Seabury families. Our current 6th and 7th graders will be asked to attend so that they can learn what to expect when it is their turn for a Capstone Project and to help greet our guests.

What to expect at Capstone Night?

Capstone Night guests should plan to park on Broadway in downtown Tacoma and use our Broadway entrance for the program introduction and student presentations. Following this portion of the event, guests will be invited upstairs to our Court C space to tour the classrooms and talk with our presenters about their projects. The event will run from 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Introducing our 8th graders & their projects:



at Seabury since grade 6

Marc is interested in stream monitoring, and learning how to keep our waterways clean. For his project he practiced citizen science by testing streams for health and temperature. Gathered real data that will be used to determine clean-up efforts, and pin-point streams that are contaminated. Marc's drive for environmentalism fired up this project. 



at Seabury since grade 8

Alli is creating a series of artworks using mixed media. The series is titled "Washington State" and represents a journey around the Puget Sound area. This talented artist hopes to display her artworks in a gallery or coffee shop. She has created 14 land and cityscapes. These artworks are incredibly colorful.



at Seabury for grades 1,2, & 8

Johnny has been skiing for years, and he understands the costs of skis and equipment maintenance. In order to help his family and friend prepare their skis for the last of the ski season, he has learned to wax skis. He will host a ski waxing clinic and help his relatives and friends extend the life of their skis.



at Seabury since grade 7

Ashton is practicing what he calls "Digital Cartography." In his project he is creating a version of Seabury Middle School in the DOOM game environment. DOOM is a FPS game originally programmed for MS-DOS that featured a space marine who fought off invading demons from hell. Ashton is creating an extensively detailed rendition of Seabury in a low-resolution game. This is his big challenge!



at Seabury since Kindergarten

Judah hopes to help food insecure residents of Tacoma by hosting a school-wide food and fund drive. He worked with Nourish Tacoma to distribute the funds and food to those in need. Judah is shocked by the number of Tacoma citizens who are food deprived, and he is doing something about it. 



at Seabury since grade 8

Mayla is using her artistic talent to examine the crossover of digital art and business. She is creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to offer her art for sale on the internet. She began with a more traditional route of creating an Etsy shop to sell custom artworks, but quickly transitioned to creating NFT's, when she learned how they are changing how art is sold. Mayla was motivated by her love of art and her entrepreneurial spirit.



at Seabury since grade 4

Andre was inspired by his district needs project to dive deeper into park design. He is designing parks to fill under-used properties in Tacoma. He is working with a professional architect to hone his skills at design, while creating highly detailed 3D renderings.  He has advanced his knowledge of the design software, and is thoughtfully designing spaces that would beautify Tacoma.



at Seabury since grade 8

Deetya has written some incredible short stories, some of which are inspired by the real-life teenage drama students experience in high school and middle school. Deetya has worked with a published author to polish her work. She has written stories that draw you in and express the feelings of teenage girls.



at Seabury since Kindergarten

Jon has always loved Dungeons & Dragons, and now he is coming into his own as a Game Master. Not only has he been running a student club as the DM, but his main project has been to create a campaign (adventure). This project involves using his creative writing chops, his inventiveness to create traps and new monsters, as well as his imagination. He worked with the owner of Terra Crux, our local game store, to hone the details of his campaign. The result is a pro-level adventure.  

Interested in being a future Capstone Project mentor?

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