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Moments like this are for now a thing of the past, but art specialist Angela Larsen continues to keep creativity alive. during our distance learning journey.

With most businesses in lockdown due to the coronavirus, many storefronts are boarded up. But where some people see plain sheets of plywood, Seabury art specialist Angela Larsen sees blank canvases begging to become beautiful.

Besides continuing to provide art instruction during our distance learning journey, Angela is on the roster of the Spaceworks Rapid Mural Project, which works with the Downtown Tacoma Partnership to connect artists with business owners who would welcome a temporary makeover of their boarded up storefront .

Urban Xchange on Pacific Avenue.

So far Angela has painted one mural at Urban Xchange on Pacific Avenue and another mural at Soap & Clay on Sixth Avenue.

“I am motivated to do this because of my personal desire to put art out during this time as well as the benefit it has to the community,” Angela says. “Through art making like this, I am able to really connect to other people and that brings me great joy.”

Angela raised funds through her art business, Lovesome Dove, to buy supplies for art kits that will go to low-income students in Tacoma Public Schools. The money came from selling postcards and sticker sets with her art on them.

Angela uses the Google Classroom and Eduflow online education platforms in her work with Seabury students. She focuses on projects utilizing household supplies and incorporating homebound experiences. Students post their creations on the Seabury art blog.

The middle schoolers are currently participating in the Getty Museum’s quarantine challenge in which they are asked to recreate famous pieces of art using three objects from their home.

“I do truly believe that art heals, so I hope that I am encouraging creativity during this time,” Angela says


“We have been doing a lot of snacking in our house. My 3-year-old only eats things out of a bento style 'snack box,' but we’ve still been eating our fruits and veggies.”


“As far as shows go, we just finished Lego Masters, which was awesome and which truly inspired me to think about Lego as a way to sculpt. I made a pretty sweet life-size cat and dog sculpture set that I was very proud of!”

Soap & Clay on Sixth Avenue.

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