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Milo (right) and two of his helpers, Asher and Olivia.

Milo is writing and illustrating a book, but he’s not doing it by himself. Several of his fellow Navigators are eagerly helping him create – drumroll, please – “Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Pigeonpants.”

The students are first-graders in Sheri Towne’s class. During breaks from regular classwork, they gather around a table to outline and color some of the illustrations that Milo draws in pencil. Cheerfully addressing Milo as “boss,” they listen intently to his gentle directions and respond with utmost care.

“My mom helps, too,” Milo said.

Milo started working on the book several months ago at home. After he began bringing his work to school, other students asked to help. They have finished 57 out of a planned 100 pages.

Inspired by the popular “Captain Underpants” and "Dogman” series of humorous children’s books, Milo plans to write more books when this one – his first – is finished. “Definitely more,” he said.

Sheri is not surprised. “There’s no doubt Milo has a future as a writer and illustrator,” she said. “And he’s a very good leader, too.”

Milo is especially adept at delegating. After inviting classmate Asher to a sleepover, he told him, “I can play Minecraft while you work on the book.”

Asher’s sunny response: “Yes, boss.”

Dylan and Hunter lend a hand.

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