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William, Helen and Catherine await their orders.

Our motto at the middle school is the city is our classroom. But once a week in the spring and fall it also becomes our cafeteria thanks to the Tacoma Farmer’s Market.

Open every Thursday from May through October, the Farmer’s Market attracts dozens of vendors who set up their stalls and park their trucks along a stretch of Broadway Street that is closed to vehicular traffic for the day.

The plaza across from the Broadway entrance to the middle school is the go-to spot for spending the lunch hour throughout the year, but when the market is open students can choose between brown bagging or buying from street vendors such as Burrito Boy, Gateway to India and Lumpia Love.

They can also order take out from the nearby Sundance Café. That‘s where Shane and Zimran usually go.

“I like all the options,” Zimran said, even though he and Shane order the same thing almost every time – grilled cheese sandwiches.

“I give them eight-and-a-half out of 10,” Shane said, pausing between bites. “There’s a lot of cheese.”

Enzo said he patronizes various vendors, but always saves room for a chocolate chip shortbread cookie from All About Cookies. He’s also been known to pick up a bouquet of from Yeng’s Flowers to take home.

Patronizing the Farmer’s Market is a fun way for students to gain confidence and independence by choosing, ordering and paying without a hovering adult – a taste of real life that comes with going to school in the city, said middle school teacher Jared MacKenzie.

“Being downtown it would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of that,” MacKenzie said.

Shane and Zimran pause between bites.

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