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Updated: May 19, 2020

The smiles say it all.

Last week was Staff Appreciation Week at Seabury. Normally celebrated at school in a variety of ways, the tradition transitioned to our new norm.

A group of Sheri Towne’s first-grade students and their parents paraded past her home in cars and bikes Friday afternoon, pausing to hand her flowers and cards and exchange air hugs and smiles.

“I had an inkling something was going to be happening, but I wasn’t sure what,” said Sheri, standing in the bright sunshine on the side of the street in front of her home. “This is awesome.”

Even though the usual Wednesday morning breakfast buffet in the staff room and Friday afternoon lunch at a restaurant were casualties of the coronavirus, everyone who works at Seabury is grateful for the various gestures from students, classes and families – not to mention the generosity of the school and its leaders.

After all, if you’re stuck at home, who couldn’t use gift cards to Amazon and Door Dash, right?

“We felt strongly about showing our appreciation this year in light of the extra effort the staff is putting into distance learning,” says Sonja Bartek, a parent and member of the board of trustees. “The great thing about Seabury – especially at a time like this – is that our staff really knows our kids. The sense of community is still so strong."

The gift card and other goodies arrived in thank you envelopes – some delivered by mail to those living a long drive from school, but others personally distributed by Jackie Heal, lower school office manager, Janice Spika, business manager, and Sandi Wollum, head of school.

Tucked into each packet was a small envelope of flower seeds from the Kohler kids – Charlotte, Mallorie and Nate.

“Thanks so much for the gifts,” wrote classroom aide Nicole Marshall. “ I can't wait to plant my seeds. I know just the place for them! I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all so much and can't wait until we all get to be together in the same room again!”

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