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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hank puts what he brought into the pot.

Tealights twinkled on desks draped in linen as the Ladybugs returned to their darkened classroom from recess.

Unusually hushed and a little in awe, they settled into their seats, a meal of their own making spread elegantly before them.

The clink of silver spoons against ceramic bowls soon signaled the tasty conclusion to a lesson in sharing and thankfulness – all based on a folk tale about making stone soup.

The lesson is a tradition for teacher Katy Moon, who in the days leading up to Thanksgiving introduced her prekindergarten students to the charming story, helped them prepare ingredients for the soup and then simmered the hearty mixture overnight along with the same stone (carefully sanitized) she has been using for years.

Calista prepares to add more vegetable broth with help from teacher Katy Moon.

There are several versions of the stone soup folk tale. The version heard by the Ladybugs is about two hungry men traveling through a village.

After the village folk refuse them food, they pretend to be chefs with the ability to cook a delicious soup using just a stone – if only someone would lend them a pot. And a carrot. And a potato. And some celery. And so on and so on and so on.

"Bring what you've got! Put it in the pot! We're making stone soup!" they cry.

I have no clue how the stone soup in the story tasted, but the stone soup prepared by the Ladybugs – who brought all the ingredients from home and diced them at their desks -- was delicious.

“What was the magic ingredient?” Katy asked her students.

“Sharing,” they all said.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Katy Moon's students -- including Liam, Calista and Eyoha -- enjoy a stone soup lunch.

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