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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Seabury’s annual auction is a critical source of funds and – under normal conditions – one heck of a lot of fun.

But allow me to channel Captain Obvious. These are NOT normal conditions.

We couldn't gather in a fancy venue for our 2020 auction. We couldn't mingle, nibble and ogle all the great deals. We couldn't sit at a table together chatting, chewing and bidding.

Another coronabummer, right? Well, yes, except the auction must go on. Or should I say auctions because this year we are conducting our first online Holiday Auction + Shop Small event now through Dec. 2.

More about that later. First some background.

Our auction traditionally takes place in person in the spring. When COVID concerns first arose, our 2020 auction was just around the corner. We had to make a quick decision.

Our choices were to cross our fingers that restrictions would be lifted in time for a rescheduled auction as usual OR attempt the heavy lift of shifting the auction online.

Our decision to immediately begin preparations for an online auction proved to be the correct one as COVID restrictions lingered well past the original auction date.

Taking the auction online was an amazing logistical feat. Even more amazing? The generosity of the Seabury community.

Despite the sudden shift online, we exceeded our fundraising goal – including targeted support for making the garden area at our lower campus a more useful and attractive place to learn and play. We launched the project this fall and hope to complete it this spring.

At this time last year there was no reason to think our spring auction was in any jeopardy. But if COVID has taught us anything, it’s to have backup plans. That’s the thinking that inspired The Holiday Auction + Shop Small event.

“The holiday auction won't replace our spring auction, but it helps us avoid putting all of our eggs in one basket during these uncertain times,” said Nadine Kohler, Director of Institutional Advancement.

But it isn’t just the timing that makes this auction special. Instead of asking merchants to donate holiday auction items for free, the school negotiated little discounts on bulk purchases from local small businesses.

“It’s a win-win,” said Nadine. “We raise funds and they increase sales during a difficult period. This is one way we can thank them for all of their past support.”

Shameless promotion starting in three, two, one ...

Click here to register for the Holiday Auction + Shop Small event. Start bidding now on a mountain of individual items and special packages. You can purchase a tree and the gifts to put under it! Seabury will even deliver right to your porch – like Amazon but better because you just supported a small business AND the schoo!!

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