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Every journey includes some uphill stretches, right Karl?

The word arrived in a text from my daughter the teacher. “Schools are closed for the rest of the year.”

Funny where your mind goes when big news hits.

Oh great, I thought. I’ll never remember every kid’s name when we come back. Might as well apologize right now to Ronin/I’m Elon/Not-Ronin and Victoria/I’m Gloria/Not Victoria.

Even when I saw them every day I mixed up their names. Same for Autumn/Lily/Clara and Hunter/Simon/Nolan. Why them? I don’t know. I just did.

Their bemused reaction to my brief brain freezes is one of the many things I’ll miss in the months ahead.

But the beat goes on, Seabury Style, right? We always knew we were on a distance learning journey. And we always knew it would be a challenge for everyone. We just didn’t know it would last until summer.

No doubt tears are being shed. The extended closure increases the heavy load families are already shouldering as they try to keep things as normal as possible amid the most abnormal of circumstances.

Guess what, though? Seabury isn’t really “closed.” We’re still here – even if here means being connected by digital wizardry and the human heart instead of four walls.

Take a deep breath. We still got this.


The Burke Museum This recommendation comes from Mimi Lewis, our kindergarten teacher. She says everything on this site is fun and educational and they’ve designed some specific things for right now.”


“My wife and I have different tastes, but we stumbled across an Amazon series we both enjoy called The Collection. Post-war Paris. The fashion industry. Scandals. Secrets. All very chic and tasteful -- but put the kids to bed.”

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