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Wow, Catherine! That's a lot of stuff.

The coronavirus lockdown tests our ability to remain connected to one another. Thank goodness for technology, right?

But a Zoom meeting isn’t the only way to stay connected. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Or maybe with a box.

Seabury put together care packages for all 89 of our students – our way of delivering reassurance in uncertain times. We distributed the packages at our two campuses on Wednesday – the culmination of a project led by Tiffany Price, assistant head of school, and Nadine Kohler, director of institutional advancement.

“We wanted to send some love and positive thoughts to our families when we heard we wouldn't be returning to our classrooms this year,” Tiffany says. “It was a lot of work, but we knew it would mean a lot to them.”

Tiffany, Nadine and Jackie Heal, lower school office manager, spent weeks gathering supplies, shopping for items and filling each care package – no easy task in today’s world of scant inventory and shipping delays.

Looks delicious, Graham.

“Jackie and I were waiting outside the Fed Ex in Fife on Wednesday morning so we could grab the last orders as soon as they opened the door,” Nadine says.

Selected with input from teachers, many of the supplies and materials support specific learning activities for each grade. The middle school care package included a telescope kit because those students are studying astronomy while the first grade package included litmus paper because they are studying chemistry.

The care packages also included some just-for-fun stuff like cake mix for students who are coming back in the fall. “We hope you make the most delicious cake and decorate it in honor of your return to Seabury next year,” read a card attached to a whisk that accompanied the mix.

We appreciate the many kind words we have received about the care packages from families – including this from parent Jessie Keating.

“Distance learning has been hard because my boys really miss their school. They have finally found a place where they fit in and are thriving. The care packages were a wonderful surprise and gave them a boost right when we needed it! We love Seabury. Thank you so much!”

Hey, Charlotte. That telescope mght work better outside.

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