COVID-19 Response

Seabury's Safer Start Plan

Seabury School is committed to keeping our community as safe as possible.

We have worked diligently to create our Safer Start Plan!

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Seabury continues to monitor the ever-changing COVID-19 impact on schools in our region. It is our commitment to our community to offer in-person schooling as permitted and as safely as we can when possible. We are uniquely situated with our small class sizes,  large classrooms, and isolated building entrances and restrooms. We will accommodate both an in-person option as well as distance-learning mode for the 2020-2021 school year.  For families not yet ready to venture back into the classroom when in-person learning is permitted, our Distance Learning program will be fully operational all year. For families ready to have their students back in the classroom, please review all of the new campus safety protocols.

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In consultation with outside professionals, specialty COVID-19 school training courses, and advice from local entities, we have created special safety protocols to better protect the health and safety of students, families, and staff at Seabury.

In-person or distance learning

Campus openings and closures

Distance learning 

Face masks



Morning health check in procedures

Drop-off and pick-up protocols

Limit on-campus visitors

On-campus configurations and cleaning

Sick children and possible exposures

School Supplies and DL Boxes

Gear for weather

Return your Safer Start Family Packet

New Safety Protocols


Response Plan

As an addendum to our regular Family Handbook, we have created a Pandemic Response Plan.  This important document outlines new procedures and policies around COVID-19 to keep our community as safe as possible.  We ask ALL families to please read this document thoroughly. As with all plans during a pandemic, these plans are subject to change. 

Highlights from this response plan are listed below for quick access and reminders.

Read the Pandemic Response Plan 

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In-person or distance learning

Prior to returning for in-person learning, families must submit the form indicating whether you plan to have your child return to campus or stay in distance-learning mode.  Please note the deadline for submitting the form so that teachers can be ready to serve students whether at home or at school.

After on-campus learning has started, parents who wish to change the status of their student from home to on campus or from campus to home, will notify both the child’s teacher and the Seabury School office.  Please provide 24-hour notice when changing the status of your student.

Campus openings and closures

Our staggered rollout of in-person class start dates is to ensure the safety and wellness of our students, staff, and community.  In-person rollout dates are tentative and subject to changes as deemed necessary by the school and/or health department mandates.  Seabury will provide as much advance notice as possible, but circumstances may require immediate closure with little notice.  Parents need to have plans in place to return to distance learning on short notice when necessary.

If at any point in-person classes need to be moved back to distance-learning mode, either for a class or the entire school, we will notify all families via email.  Whole school closures will also be announced through a ONE CALL emergency phone call notification. 

Distance learning

Teachers will continue to use the virtual classroom and Eduflow or Google Classroom with students at home and at school.  It is important for students to maintain their skills navigating in the virtual environment so that they are able to easily move back to distance learning when that is necessary.  Morning meetings will help set the stage for the day. Teachers will use those meetings and other activities to connect students at home and at school.

Families of students who are working at home are encouraged to utilize the staff on their Learning Support Tree so that students can easily get help if they get stuck during the day and their teacher is not immediately available.

Face masks

Everyone is expected to wear a face covering while on campus – including during dropoff and pickup. Families will provide their own face coverings for students to ensure fit and comfort. Students should have a minimum of two clean face coverings available each day at school, as well as a spare to be left in a plastic bag at school. Students will also need a plastic bag for transporting dirty masks home each day. Seabury will have disposable masks on hand for emergencies.

Masks with valves are not acceptable and face shields do not replace the use of a face covering.  Shields can be used in addition to a face covering and can be used to hold a face mask in place.  It is important to only touch the ear loops or ties when putting a mask on and taking it off and to avoid touching the mask while wearing it. Teachers will build in time for physically distanced mask breaks during the day and will ensure that students are distanced when removing masks for eating and drinking. Hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer will be required for anyone after touching or handling their mask.

CDC guidelines provide general considerations for wearing and maintaining a face covering, including the following:

  • the mouth and nose are fully covered

  • the covering fits snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps


Hand hygiene

Students and teachers will be washing their hands and/or using hand sanitizer frequently including each time they enter the classroom, before and after eating, and at break times.  If your child needs hand lotion to help combat dry skin, please send it with your child and make sure your child can use it independently and safely.


Please be sure to notify your child’s teacher and the Seabury School office by emailing  if your child will be absent from class regardless of in-person or distance-learning status.

Students may not be at school in-person without checking with the office if showing any signs of illness.  Families may be asked to consult with their physician prior to bringing a child with symptoms back to school.  Remember that children will be required to wear a mask at school – if your child has allergies and is experiencing a lot of sneezing or a runny nose that would make mask wearing difficult, parents/guardians are advised to keep their child at home until the child can comfortably wear a mask.

Students staying at home because of illness, quarantine or for other reasons may access distance learning from home until ready to return to school.

Morning health check-in procedures

You will note, as part of our SSP, anyone that visits a Seabury School campus (students, families, staff, etc.) will be subject to a quick health screening. Families can help by utilizing their copy (copies provided at the start of school) of the Daily Health Check card to prescreen their family members and be prepared to answer upon arrival. 

See the Daily Health Checklist

Drop-off and pick-up protocols

Drop-off and pick-up protocols have been modified at both campuses during the pandemic.

For all grade levels:

  • The curb in front of the lower school  will be used as a drop-off/pick-up lane for parents.  Middle school families will use the loading zone on Broadway in front of Seabury’s building to drop off their students. 

  • Adults and students are to remain in their cars until invited to exit by a health screener.  Adults will be asked to say goodbye to their student at the car and a staff member will escort the student to the classroom door. 

  • Please pull forward with the flow of cars and not around other cars in the car line.

  • No parking in the lot at the lower school (except prek families) or in front of the middle school is allowed during pick up/drop off.

  • Lower school families arriving after the designated drop-off times should pull up in front of door #3 and call 253-952-3111 to request a health screener. Middle school families arriving later should stop in the Broadway loading zone; call 253-604-0042, and request a screener. Stay in the car and follow regular health protocols during the screening process.


  • Arrival time is 8:15-8:30 a.m. 

  • Arrival health screenings take place in the drive-through lane near door #2 (the pre-k classroom).  Families/drivers and students are to wait in their car for the screener.  Everyone in the car over the age of 2 is required to wear masks during the screening / sign-in process.  The adult will be asked whether the child has answered yes to any of the health screening questions and will be given the child’s clipboard to sign in.  The screener will take the child’s temperature using a touch free thermometer while the child is still in their car seat.  If the child’s temperature is below 100 and the child has answered no to all screening questions, the adult will be invited to get the child out of the car and say goodbye. The screener or another staff member will walk the child into the classroom. Adults/drivers are not to walk away from their cars at any time.

  • Dismissal time is 2:45 - 3 p.m.

  •  At dismissal, adults will stay in their car with masks on until a staff member walks their child to the car.  The staff member will hand the child’s clipboard to the adult to sign the child out for the day, and then the adult will be invited to assist their child getting into the car. 

  • For everyone’s safety,  adults are asked to load/unload their children as quickly as possible and to exit the parking lot with care.


Kindergarten through fifth grade:

  • Arrival time  for K- 3 is 8 - 8:10 a.m.

  • Arrival time  for 4 & 5 is TBD.

  • To avoid blocking traffic on Browns Point Blvd., cars must line up heading south and turn right into the Seabury parking lot when directed to do so. 

  • Arrival health screenings will take place in front of door #6 (the door closest to the Big Toy) for students in grades 1-4 and in front of door #3 (the office) for kindergarten and fifth grades.  Pull up to the screening station and wait in the car for the screener.  Everyone in the car over the age of 2 is required to wear masks during the screening process.  Adults (and the child, depending on the age) will be asked whether the child has answered yes to any of the health screening questions.  The screener will take the child’s temperature using a touch free thermometer while the child is still in the car.  If the child’s temperature is below 100 and the child has answered no to all screening questions, the adult will be invited to get their child out of the car and say goodbye.  The screener or another staff member will walk the child into the classroom. Adults/drivers are not to walk away from their cars at any time.

  • Dismissal time is 3-3:10 p.m.

  •  At dismissal, cars will line up on Browns Point Blvd. headed south and turn right into the parking lot.  All cars must use the drive-through lane along the curb for pickup.  Teachers and staff will assist in getting the student to their car.  Do not park or exit the car unless helping the child into their seat.  For everyone’s safety, please load/unload your child as quickly as possible and exit the parking lot with care.


Middle School:

  • Arrival time is TBD.

  • Arrival health screenings take place in the loading zone at the Broadway  entrance to the building.  If the loading zone is occupied, drivers may use the parking lot next to the building to wait.  Adults and students are to wait in their car for the screener.  Everyone in the car over the age of 2 is required to wear masks during the screening / sign-in process.  Students will be asked whether they have answered yes to any of the health screening questions. The screener will take the student’s temperature using a touch-free thermometer while the student is still in the car.  If the student’s temperature is below 100 and the student has answered no to all screening questions, the student will be invited to head into class. Students assigned to the Broadway space will enter their classroom.  Students assigned to the Court C space will enter through the Knights of Pythias door and head upstairs.  Adults and other family members must remain in the car at all times.

  • Dismissal time is 3:15-3:30 p.m. 

  • At dismissal, adults will stay in their cars with masks on.  Staff will dismiss students as their drivers arrive.  Adults must stay with their cars at all times, either in the loading zone at the Broadway entrance to the building, or the parking lot next to the building.

Limit on campus visitors

  • All family members and visitors must call ahead to the school office and schedule an appointment before arriving on campus.

  • Family members and visitors must enter through the main office at the lower school and the Broadway space at the middle school campus. Anyone entering the building will be required to wear face coverings and will be screened upon arrival.

  • There may be occasions when families are invited onto campus for one-on-one meetings and events – these will be scheduled by the school and depend upon current safety protocols.


Cohort groups

A critical component of minimizing risk for staff and students is for each classroom group to operate as a separate cohort and to minimize the number of people from outside that cohort interacting with each group.  Each class group will stay together in class, at lunch and during recess.  Interaction with other students / classes will take place digitally, even if that class is at school.  At the lower school, in order to accommodate separate recess times for each class, a portion of the front parking lot will be blocked off and used as an additional recess area.  Staff such as specialists and aides that need to be in more than one classroom during the day will wash hands on entry and exit.

On-campus configurations and cleaning

  • Classrooms

    • All Seabury classrooms and spaces have been redesigned to fit the safety guidelines regarding health and wellness and Covid-19. Desks and furnishings have been adjusted to maintain the recommended 6-foot distancing as much as possible.

    • Students are required to enter their classroom through their designated door ONLY.

      • Pre-k: Door 2

      • Kindergarten: Door 3/ Office

      • First & Second Grade: Door 6

      • Third Grade: Door 6

      • Fourth Grade: Door 5

      • Fifth Grade: Door 1 (previously Multipurpose Room)

      • Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grade: Knights of Pythias door on Broadway or Middle School door on Broadway

    • All lower school students will have access to supply bins next to their desks for storing personal items, school supplies, and learning tools outside class times.

    • Classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned during a mid-day break time as well as each afternoon. Children will be required to wash their hands every time they enter the classroom.

    • Families, visitors, and other students are prohibited from entering a classroom without first checking in through the school office and must have an appointment with the school office prior to entering the building. Seabury will discourage families and visitors from campus visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    • On-campus staff will be assigned to a classroom cohort and should stay within those assigned spaces as much as possible. Staff that are not part of a classroom cohort will be asked to refrain from entering other classrooms as much as possible.

    • Classroom bookshelf browsing will be limited to one student at a time by the classroom teacher. If a student touches a book or when a student is ready to return a classroom book, the book must be placed in a holding book bin for reshelving after 3-5 days.

  • Restrooms

    • Each classroom has an assigned restroom and cohort groups must not use other restrooms.

    • Each restroom will be thoroughly cleaned and restocked during a mid-day break as well as at the end of the school day.

    • The assigned restroom will be the first stop for every individual entering a classroom for proper hand washing before touching any surfaces or sitting down.

  • Common Areas/Large spaces

    • The students at the lower school campus will not have access to any shared indoor space during this time other than their cohort classroom, classroom computer lab, and restroom.

    • New outdoor classroom spaces at the lower school will be utilized by one class at a time, and all materials needed for outdoor learning lessons will be brought outside by the teachers and students and returned to their classrooms afterwards.

    • P.E. will take place outside or in the cohort classroom.

    • The library spaces will be physically closed to students, but students will still have the opportunity to order books from the library. Students will have access to library book return bins where the books will wait for 3-5 days prior to reshelving.

    • The MakerSpace is closed to students at this time. Teachers may gather supplies for use in the classroom.

  • Outdoor Areas

    • The lower school campus will be divided into a series of outdoor sections:

      • parking lot

      • garden

      • big toy

      • playground

      • canopy/tent

    • Classes/cohorts will not share outdoor space at the same time.

    • The parking lot area may be closed off to car access during the school day if it is deemed necessary for additional recess space for student use. Street parking would be necessary in that instance and signage and barriers would be used to close off the parking lot entrance and exit.

Sick children and possible exposures

  • If a student calls in sick:

    • The office manager will notify the head of school or the assistant head of school about the illness. 

    • The head of school or assistant head of school will make the decision whether the health department needs to be notified and whether the cohort group needs to move to distance learning and for how long.

    • The head of school or assistant head of school will work with the health department regarding the process of any necessary contact tracing.


  • If a student becomes sick at Seabury...

    • The school office will contact the parents/guardians immediately.

    • An aide will take the students to the Health Room.  At the lower school, the Health Room is the former language room in the Media Center. The Health Room at the middle school is the language arts room on Court C.

    • If the sick student displays potential COVID-19 symptoms, the other students and teacher will leave the classroom and head to one of the outdoor classrooms for the rest of the day. The head of school or assistant head of school will work with the health department to decide if the cohort needs to be further isolated by moving to distance learning for a period of time.

    • The head of school or assistant head of school will work with the health department regarding the process of any necessary contact tracing.

School Supplies and DL Boxes

As usual, Seabury purchases the bulk of supplies that students will need for school.  The students will no longer share any supplies.  For in-person schooling, each student will have a separate bin next to their desk to hold their backpack, lunchbox, and additional supplies as needed. They will also be provided with tools for taking class outside including a small seat, clipboard, mini whiteboard, and other items.

For students operating in distance-learning mode , Seabury will continue to provide Distance Learning Boxes (DL Boxes) periodically filled with supplies that they need to be successful in their classes.  DL Boxes must be picked up at a Seabury campus. We can offer a no-contact curbside pickup.

Gear for weather

Once a return to campus for in-person schooling is permitted, we encourage teachers to use our outdoor spaces for class time whenever possible.  This will mean that students need to have gear appropriate for additional outdoor time.  We recommend waterproof shoes and coats, warm socks on cold days, and layers of clothing to stay warm. For tips on dressing kids for all weather conditions, check the links on the Family Corner page. 

Return your Safer Start Family Packet

Each family is required to fill out and return our Safer Start Family Packet.  These must be returned  in person  or scanned and emailed to and must be received prior to any student attending in-person classes.


Have a question that we haven't answered?  Please let us know at  

Can my student have a water bottle at their desk?

Yes! Each student should bring a personal water bottle to school each day and take it home to be washed and refilled at the end of the day. Students will keep their water bottles with them during the day and will be able to refill them when empty.

Can I meet with my child's teacher?

Parents/guardians wishing to meet with their child’s teacher must request a meeting by email and set up an appointment in advance.  In-person meetings are required to meet health requirements including wearing masks, practicing social distancing, remaining in the room where the meeting takes place, and limiting the number of people involved in the meeting.  Any questions about meeting protocols should be directed to the head of school.

Will there be Pizza Fridays and daily milk?

Yes!  Milk and pizza will resume as normal when classes return to campus.

What else should we know about lunchtime?

Students will not be using our normal shared lunch room this year.  Instead classes will have lunch in their classroom or outside.  There will not be access to microwaves, silverware, and extra plates, etc.  Be sure to pack all that your child will need in their lunch box.

Will the bus and van be operating?

Due to safety measures and required protocols, we are unable to offer our regular van service this school year.  But, we will be offering limited bus service.  Families must have preselected bus service in their FACTS Enrollment forms.  Those families will be notified of bus availability, but please keep in mind that all of the regular stops may not be offered this year.  Riders will only share seats with their family members and must pass a health check before boarding the bus.  If you have additional bus questions, please contact the school office at


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